How We Work

Serving you with thousands of discounts.
  • We negotiate with hundreds of companies' weekly requesting one thing, a discount that is not available to general public. If they agree with this, then we list them in our directory for you to access. Once a company is submitted we then research the discount (we do not spend hours on each discount, but up to 20 minutes researching each discount) and in the event that we find the discount available on the internet or find that it is not a true discount, we remove them from our system.
  • You have the power to remove a bad discount from Travel Plus Discounts We understand that you may run into a business that is not honoring a discount (this does not happen often but does happen i.e. airfare) if this does occur simply use the tab that says report this discount and our research staff will immediately research the issue. If we are not able to get that discount fixed, we remove them, or hide them from our members.
  • Discounts come and go so be sure to check back often. We offer what's new tab in the members are and send out regular emails introducing new discount providers to our members. But we also focus on quality not quantity, so if we discover a discount is not working or available to the general public, then we remove it. We do not send you an email because there is no sense of overwhelming you. Most important thing to remember is to check back often.
  • Follow the instructions: Each discount provider offers their own set of discount instructions. It is very important to follow the instructions to be certain you are going to save the most money with Travel Plus Discounts
  • Category Search: As you noticed we allow multiple categories within our members area. We will be adding more categories over time but the most important thing to remember is that if you are searching for a condo and you type in condo in the search box that does not mean you are going to get all condo results. EVR, which is endless vacation rentals, needs to be searched for as their business name, Endless vacation rentals. We will be adding a feature that will allow you to do a keyword search. Stay tuned for more information on the time frame.
  • Country Search: What is great about Travel Plus Discounts is our discounts are not just in the United States, or Mexico, or just in Canada, they are worldwide. What does this mean to you? This means Travel Plus Discounts will follow you from country to country and city to city. Simply select a different country and you will access their database. No other membership club offers this type of service.
  • New daily discounts: Travel Plus Discounts is always researching, negotiating and deploying some of the most exclusive discounts on the net. We strive to bring our members quality discounts that they can use. As a member of Travel Plus Discounts you can always recommend a business to participate, simply use our easy online submission form and one of our friendly research specialists will contact that business and negotiate a discount. We can't guarantee they will participate but we can guarantee we will do the negotiating for you.