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Name: David Roberts
Location: South Africa

Testimonial: Having been with Travel Plus Discounts for some years now I was very pleased with the development of the member benefits. More recently I have been encouraged by the expansion into South Africa and look forward to great things in the future. The new, upgraded website is also eagerly awaited.

Name: Mike Wing
Location: Utah, USA

Testimonial: I have had a wonderful experience with hotelsetc,Never no problems,and they have always done what they have said.

Name: sara lima herrera
Location: Miami, USA


Name: Felix Rosario
Location: New Jersey, USA 

Testimonial: I really like these discounts and I recommended to other friends all ready.

Name: Juan Carlos de la Torre
Location: Miami, USA

Testimonial: In my opinion Hotels ect is a great company that offered real opportunities for discount in many branches and it allows us to save our money and enjoy at the same time.

Name: Jennifer Brown
Location: Coconut Creek, USA

Testimonial: Just bought two restaurant gift cards..haven't used them yet but the process is easy and quick to get them. Make sure printer works ..it will not save it for you.

Name: William ross walton
Location: Sarasota, USA

Testimonial: some great vacations

Name: Kathy McGuire
Location: Temple McGuire

Testimonial: I was able to find a three star hotel using my gift certficate and my family enjoyed the trip of a lifetime! I will be using your services for years to come and will be highly recommending them to my friends, family and clients.
It even beats AAA!!!

Name: Rachel Gholston
Location: Oakland, USA

Testimonial: Great savings, I travel twice a month and it is so much fun to make reservations knowing that I am getting the best deal.

Name: Dottie Smith
Location: Florida, USA

Testimonial: In this website it is very easy to find what you are looking for. No complaints here.

Name: Syrenia Hamilton
Location: Florida, USA

Testimonial: I took the family on a trip to Orlando and used Hotels.etc to get an excellent rates on several rooms for the family. The discounts saved us double what we would have paid during peak season. Awesome!

Name: Marsha Roddenberry
Location: Georgia, USA

Testimonial: I have had my card for a couple of months and I just used it for the first time and I was very impressed it was only a one night stay but it saved me 17.00 I will be using it to plan my trip to the Smokey mountains.

Name: Donald Zarrella, Sr.
Location: Florida, USA

Testimonial: I used my card for hotel reservations in South Carolina and saved 20% off the best price. I have also compared cruise line offers with it and the cruise lines themselves and it saves me there too. I plan to use this card a lot.

Name: Robert
Location: Ohio, USA


Name: K.C
Location: New York, USA

Testimonial: This site has great hotel rates!

Name: Eboni Williams
Location: Florida, USA

Testimonial: I really enjoy this site. It really has saved me a lot of money.

Name: Jodi M. Flynn
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Testimonial: Travel Plus Discounts is a great way to get discounts to for your favorite vacation spots. I travel frequently and use the services all of the time!

Name: Ryan Langlois
Location: Florida, USA

Testimonial: looks pretty sweet to me!!

Name: Roy Ricardson, Jr.
Location: Texas, USA

Testimonial: While I usually don't get involved in these types of opportunities, this is one I'm glad I did. I have saved serious money already, with family in 1 part of the State and other parts of the State. Anyone who hasever been to Texas can attest that Texas is a very large State.My wife also does a lot of business travel, and we've found the rates to be lower than corporate rates. If this was a mistake, it was the best mistake I've ever made and I hope to make more like them.

Name: Patrice Hinson
Location: Texas, USA

Testimonial: Hotels, Etc. has been a life saver for our family! We love to take frequent trips and the hotel booking works like a charm. Since I have been out of work, it is especially essential for us to have nice, economical hotel rooms. Hotels Ect. has helped us to achieve this! My husband spends a lot of time working in other cities as a crane operator. It is awesome to book his rooms with Hotels, Etc. because I know that he will always have a nice room waiting for him at the end of a long, tiring day hopefully with a pool as well as laundry.
Hotel's Etc. has enriched our lives. When I return to work, we plan to purchase the restaurant and movie theater tickets. Maybe we will get to go to a theme park and get tickets with you as well.

Name: JP
Location: Arizona, USA

Testimonial: Travel Plus Discounts is great! Great customer service! Have received discount with my membership card already

Name: Mary Trammell
Location: Texas, USA

Testimonial: I tried several online hotel discount sites, but I was able to get a much lower rate through Travel Plus Discounts and I was able to save quite a bit on my hotel.

Name: Robert L Lund
Location: Washington, USA

Testimonial: This is the best home based business I've ever come across. Everybody travels or wants to and this product gives everyone a chance to at great savings, I would recommend this business and product to anyone that wants to save big on travel or make some good money with Travel Plus Discounts Robert Lund/Distributor

Name: Kenneth Clayton
Location: New Jersey, USA

Testimonial: Travel Plus Discounts saved me a significant amount of money on a recent trip. I am glad that I was made aware of this company and will use it often.

Name: Tom Misuraca
Location: Massachusetts, USA

Testimonial: Have been a member for many yrs. and use it often.

Name: Gene Horton
Location: Unknown

Testimonial: I have used the membership in the past without any trouble. The 50% off is for real.I have used the card at upscale and economy motels in the past.

Name: Richard Delusion
Location: Connecticut, USA

Testimonial: I have just purchase 3 day and 2 night and we are going to cape cod can't wait I haven't been their in about 15 years thanks

Name: Darwin Dement
Location: Canada

Testimonial: July 07 I stayed in a cabin outside of spearfish south Dakota,50 dollars a night,2beds,fridge,microwave,coffee maker very nice will go again next year thank you

Name: David Williams
Location: USA

Testimonial: I am a softball coach and on one local game we save about 30% per room on 10 to 15 room.

Name: Jerry
Location: Unknown

Testimonial: Travel Plus Discounts, works! Last year, frustrated with having to split Christmas between an extended family: (both me and my wife come from a family of divorce) we decided at the last minute we wanted our first ever holiday alone. I got online, and within a few minutes using the Travel Plus Discounts web site was able to book a room for two from 12/22/06-12/26/06. We saved 50% on our entire stay. The most amazing thing was that, not only did we book 3 weeks in advance, but I wanted to go snowboarding, so I booked a room 20 minutes from a ski resort in Boone, N.C.! We had a fantastic time, and thanks to Travel Plus Discounts we had the best Christmas vacation ever. Who actually SAVES money over Christmas?

Name: Manny Aguilar
Location: Canada

Testimonial: It was this summer a opportunity came about to go to San Diego all hotels were charging almost 160 per room I remembered I was a Travel Plus Discounts member and received a 79 room in the same place..

Name: Robert Butler
Location: Canada

Testimonial: I found the Travel Plus Discounts staff to be top notch professionals and the Travel Plus Discounts Directory a treasure. It works. Thanks guys.

Name: Anthony Piccirilli
Location: Rhode Island, USA


Name: Ken Duvall
Location: Florida, USA

Testimonial: I have been using Travel Plus Discounts products for some time. I have used their discounts on car rentals and recently received a nice hotel discount on a trip to Ashevile, NC. I am also using their new travel certificates and resturant coupons. The recent upgrade of their web site is a great improvement. I also appreciate the expanded list of products, coupons and travel certificates offered.
The best thing I like about their service is the customer support. Every time I have called with a question, their staff as been very informative and courteous. I also appreciate their quality control process. I understand they test all the products before they release them for purchase - I appreciate that.
Ken Duvall

Name: Jason W. Porter
Location: Virginia, USA

Testimonial: I am amazed at the difference since the company changed owners. The new owners are far more attentive, honest, and I really appreciate that. I love the new layout of the website which is now informative where it was not before. You guys are definitely heading in the right direction and I'm proud to be a member.

Name: Richard & Annie Samuels
Location: Washington, USA

Testimonial: Annie and I used our Hotel Etc. card to receive discounts at over 15 different Choice Hotels this past summer. Our biggest discount was over 50% at a Clarion Hotel in Sacramento, Ca. We have liked our discount card so much we became distributors. Thanks, Travel Plus Discounts

Name: Danny Frederick
Location: Nevada, USA

Testimonial: I am a distributor with Travel Plus Discounts in Las Vegas. Everyone I talk to about the savings they get when they become a member, they can't reach for there wallet fast enough to start enjoying the discounts they won't find anywhere else!!!

Name: Henry W. Schott
Location: Florida, USA

Testimonial: Recently took a trip to N.Y. On the way we booked a room @ a Quality Inn in Emporia Va. After returning to Fla, I had to make a flight to p/u a truck I bought in Penn.! On the return drive , I stopped @ the same motel, & received the same discount rate w/ no problem! Thanks Hotel Etc